Leonardo Pro



Alti Vario Archimede


The Digifly Leonardo Pro has an integrated high sensitivity 20 channel SIRF III GPS receiver. With a high power, fully independent, double battery make the Leonardo Pro the right choice from Digifly for full management of competition waypoints and routes, including FAI cylinder turnpoint and start pilon validation. With telemetry output.

Pilots familiar with Digifly flight instruments love the sensitivity and speed of response of the our varios. All Digifly varios use our "Intellivario Technology", a revolutionary system designed by Digifly which is based on the use of sophisticated digital filters to process information from the pressure sensor. This results in a a very sensitive vario which is also immune to radio interference. Uniquely, the Intellivario system is fully adjustable, allowing pilots to adjust the sensitivity their varios depending on the flying conditions.


The Leonardo Pro' buttons are clearly labeled, so users new to Digifly will quickly feel at home navigating the setup menus and the nine main display screens on this new vario. The large, clear LCD screen also makes for easy observation in flight and the new high power audio on the front panel means that pilots will have no difficulties hearing the loud vario tones.

Nine fully customisable main display screens on the Leonardo Pro provide the pilot with as much (or as little information) as they require. Automatic switching between the Thermal Display Screen and the Glide Compass or Glide Plotter Display Screens is handled by the onboard Intelliflight software, which detects if you are thermaling or on a glide
Comprehensive "Speed To Fly" information using data from both the integrated high sensitivity 20 channel SIRF III GPS receiver and the optional Digifly Air Speed Indicator unit will help the you make the correct piloting decisions at critical points in your flights.

The Leonardo Pro has a double battery system. The main power is supplied by an internal rechargeable lithium battery (supplied as standard) with a full recharge time of only 3 hours. This battery has no memory effect, so it can be be partially recharged, it also has a very low self discharge rate (more than one year) and works very well at low temperatures. Battery life ranges from 30 hours to 200 hours depending on whether GPS has been activated.

The Leonardo Pro has a non-rechargable 1.5 volt AA size backup battery. This battery is situated in the removable battery "slot" and can also be replaced with other 1.5 volt AA size batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used, though are not recommended for the backup battery system because of their high self discharge rate (after 2 months they are completely discharged and useless). If using a rechargable backup battery, note that this battery is not recharged by the instrument but has to be removed and recharged externally by the user. The backup battery life ranges from 20 hours to 200 hours depending on whether GPS has been activated.

The auto start 3D flight logger (of both flight and GPS data) can store up to 100,000 data points from your flights. The unique flight playback display mode (Moviola) allows you to play back your flights on your vario. PC connectivity, via the optional Digifly USB PC cable allows the download of your flight data to your PC for later analysis with IGC format including the digital signature "G" record required for on line contest. Once connected to a PC all flight data can be replayed on Google Earth for easier reading and analysis of your flights.

The Leonardo Pro has high speed (10 times per second) telemetry output. This is a new very powerful function that sends your flight information in "real time" to external equipment e.g. Palm, Pocket PC or your even to your mobile phone by the serial or USB cable. Data can be sent to external equipment e.g. for car navigation, remote tracking of pilots, alarm SMS alarm messages for "search & rescue", CompeGPS for Pocket PC, mobile phones and many flight programs running on Palm, Pocket PC and Cellphone (available free on the internet).

The Leonardo Pro software can be updated via the optional USB PC cable allowing you to keep your flight instrument right up to date with the latest software improvements from Digifly. There is also extra peace of mind with an extended 3 year warranty.